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MedCasa Mediterranean Homes offers you the most suitable real estate service for your home.

In our real estate agency we have different real estate services that will help you make a more secure purchase decision:

Full processing of the property.

In MedCasa Mediterranean Homes we take care of all the relevant paperwork in the development of the purchase and sale of the property. Everything that can be a costly task for the client, our real estate agency will take care of it. We will expedite the process to the maximum so that the client can enjoy his new home on the Costa Blanca with an individualized and adapted search and advice, with a contact person with excellent knowledge (know-how) of the market and a verification of the legal status of the property.

You will save time through our selective and selective choice based on the chosen criteria, as well as an organization and coordination of the visits to properties.

Notary Service.

We will provide you with all the necessary documentation to present it before a notary. This bureaucratic step can be somewhat complex, so our real estate agents will advise you, at all times, the best decision for your well-being.

Document translation service.

Our real estate agency is specialized in dealing with foreign clients. Our professionals will be able to provide you with all the documentation you require, in the corresponding language. Making the client feel comfortable in the development of a property purchase is paramount for MedCasa Mediterranean Homes.

Account opening.

We take care of requesting a bank opening so that any payment or income received is done in a secure way.

If you come from outside Spain, our real estate agency has a trusted advisor with whom we have been working for more than 10 years, who will help you to apply for an identity document (NIE) and a residence permit so that your stay on the Costa Blanca will be like in your dreams. They will take care of checking all the documentation during the purchase process both on the part of the seller or promoter and the buyer, changes of water and electricity supply, as well as checking bank guarantees, etc.

Dissemination of your home.

At MedCasa Mediterranean Homes we will share your property in different national and international real estate portals so that you can find a buyer in record time. We can also employ other marketing strategies to attract even more attention to your property.

After-sales real estate management.


At MedCasa Mediterranean Homes we carry out a meticulous and personalized follow-up of the construction of your new home, informing you with documents and photographs of the progress of the construction until its completion and delivery, in order to guarantee your maximum satisfaction and confidence.


We facilitate the management to contract the home insurance of your new home, so that from the first day you are covered against any incident that may arise.


We process the study, budget and management of the reforms requested by the client so that they are perfectly finished the day of the delivery of the house.


In MedCasa Mediterranean Homes we also offer a service to furnish your new home for your total comfort, with maximum seriousness and guarantee, with packs from 5.017.-€ VAT incl. with the possibility to customize your order.

We also have packs of accessories and kitchenware.

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